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USPS eliminating legacy codes, revising forms

January 17, 2023

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The Postal Service is eliminating 41 legacy service type codes, updating several forms and replacing one label that do not work with current Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) requirements.

The changes will take effect Jan. 22.

Forty-one legacy service type codes that contain a two-digit product and service combination will be eliminated to support product simplification efforts, improve visibility and tracking, reduce fraud and encourage IMpb use.

Additionally, the organization will update the following labels and forms to be IMpb compliant:

• PS Form 153, Signature Confirmation Receipt

• PS Form 3800, Certified Mail Receipt

• PS Form 3813, Insured Mail Receipt $500 and Under

• PS Form 3813-P, Insured Mail Receipt Over $500

Label 400, USPS Tracking, will be replaced with an internal-only version called Label 888, USPS Tracking.

Label 888 will not be available for retail customers but will be available for commercial customers.

Post Offices should remove all Label 400s from retail lobbies, use Retail Systems Software to create barcodes for Label 400 customers and redirect commercial customers to their meter provider for Label 888.

Post Offices can order updated labels and forms through eBuy Plus.

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