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USPS dismisses claims of prioritizing Amazon packages over standard mail

December 5, 2022
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There are growing claims, however, that standard mail has taken a backseat to Amazon packages, particularly as many are going days without receiving mail in Spokane Valley.

“Our mail carrier said that they were given a directive to only deliver Amazon packages and not deliver any of the actual mail,” said Lary Trefy, Vice President of ‘Challenger Pipe and Steel.’

Trefry’s business relies on the postal system to receive compensation from clients all across the country; when the mail is late, so too is their ability to cash in on their labor.

“It’s super frustrating,” Trefry admitted. “As a small business, we depend on the mail service; most of our customers pay us via check in the mail with USPS and when we don’t get our mail, we don’t receive our receivables. And so that can definitely hamper our ability to operate our business.”)

For context, his company received three checks this week, two of them delivered three days late. Those checks collectively amounted to over $200,000.

Trefry claims these delays have been piling up over the past two months.

4 News Now reached out to the USPS for comment on these delays, along with the claims of prioritizing Amazon packages above standard mail.

A representative responded, saying, in part, “It’s no surprise that we have large volumes of mail this time of year…and that often means multiple trips for our carriers and different times of delivery because of vehicle capacity. This includes early morning deliveries and even Sunday package deliveries. Regarding Amazon, they are one of thousands of fulfillment customers who we serve.”

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