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USPS brings in off-island workers to help deliver mail

December 1, 2022
2022 12 01 at 5.18 PM

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In recent weeks, Vashon residents have reported problems with receiving mail, as the local post office continues to experience serious staffing shortages.

The situation made the evening news on Wednesday, Nov. 23, as King 5 News dispatched a camera crew and reporter to Vashon to talk to customers outside the post office — some of whom complained about the way that their packages have been delivered, as others expressed empathy for local postal workers.

Islander Rebecca Davies told King 5 that too much is being asked of the postal workers.

“They are overwhelmed with Amazon packages,” she said. “We have heard that several times from the employees. It is too much mail for them to deliver.”

Compounding recent problems on Vashon has been the departure of one more worker in mid-November.

On Nov. 18, a Beachcomber reporter, in line at the post office, overheard a worker behind the counter tell a customer, who was there to attempt to pick up undelivered medication and other mail that had not arrived that week, that the person who delivered his mail had quit.

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