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USPS Announces ‘The Giving Tree’ Stamp To Mixed Reviews

January 25, 2022


In November 2021, the U.S. Postal Service revealed 19 new stamp designs it planned to release in 2022. The diverse designs include Year of the Tiger celebrating the Lunar New Year; Edmonia Lewis, a Black Heritage stamp; and a National Marine Sanctuaries celebrating 50 years of the National Marine Sanctuary System.

Then, in January, USPS announced it would release seven more stamps this year. Most of the designs feature nature or landmarks, but one, in particular, is stirring up as many emotions as the book it’s based upon.

The Shel Silverstein stamp is a Forever stamp with an illustration from “The Giving Tree.” Silverstein first published his children’s book telling the symbolic story of a selfless tree and the boy she loved in 1964.

The stamp shares the green background of the book’s cover, along with a deep red apple falling into the outstretched hands of a young boy in overalls. Beneath the graphic is Shel Silverstein’s name in a font that looks quite similar to his well-known signature.

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