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US Postal Service is accused of sharing private information from homes that applied for free Covid-19 tests with labor unions

February 6, 2023
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The US Postal Service may have shared the private information of up to 68 million households with labor unions – and is now trying to hide it, a lawsuit claims.

Tens of millions of Americans received sets of four free Covid-19 tests in the mail by filling out a form on the USPS website with their full name, email and postal address.

The program, authorized by the Biden Administration, was lauded for improving access to rapid coronavirus tests.

By March 2022, USPS said it delivered over 270 million tests to more than 68 million households.

But a nonprofit union watchdog Americans For Fair Treatment (AFFT) spotted small print on the online form which allows USPS to ‘disclose your information to third parties without your consent’, including ‘labor organizations as required by applicable law.’

Oddly, this small print differed slightly from USPS’ standard privacy notice, which makes no mention of unions.

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