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United States Postal Service unveils veterans memorial at Springfield, Mass., processing facility

November 11, 2022
2022 11 11 at 5.24 PM

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Tribune News Service) — Ahead of Veterans Day, the United States Postal Service’s Springfield processing facility unveiled a memorial dedicated to the 81,500 American soldiers who remain missing in action from the nation’s conflicts since World War II.

U.S. Postal Service Plant Manager Myles Donoghue said this memorial wouldn’t be possible without employees David M. Syerk and Steven Hershowitz, who built it together.

Although neither employee was available for an interview, Syerk said in a statement it was an honorable task that he and Hershowitz worked on, since they are veterans themselves.

“Steven and I have both served in the United States Army, but neither of us were prisoners of war or missing in action, so we took input from many individuals to create something respectful and yet, powerful,” Syrek said. “Steven and I hope we have accomplished both.”

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