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Union leader calls for better management

September 7, 2023


JACKSON — Darlene Jones observed Labor Day in a drizzle with a bottle of Coke, a bright yellow rain jacket over her union-emblazoned quarter zip and a picket sign.

Jones, 57, was alone on the street corner outside the downtown post office, a building from which she retired last year after 19 years working there as a clerk and custodian.

Employees need permission to strike, she said. But as vice president of the American Postal Workers Union in Wyoming, she was prepared with literature that she pulled from her jacket pocket. Her message was part of the united voice of the American Postal Workers Union: Hire more workers.

“This used to be such an amazing office when I first got here,” she said. “Everybody worked hard so that they could play harder.”

On Thursday, the downtown Jackson post office suspended retail operations, sending customers a mile south to the midtown location to buy stamps and mail priority packages. Signs on the shuttered door attributed the closure to a staffing shortage.

Understaffing has been a chronic issue, causing a daylong closure at the downtown post office in 2021 and severely limited hours in Wilson starting in summer 2022.

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