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Undelivered mail silences citizens

February 27, 2023

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A Morrison resident thought he submitted a request to add names to the list of speakers at the latest Planning Commission when he sent a certified letter in the mail, but it was not delivered.

Adam Bouldin was shocked when the names he sent in were not on the list of people to speak at Tuesday night’s Planning Commission meeting. He sent a certified letter to the city of Morrison requesting L. Craig Johnson, Donald Prater, Mat Pilcher, Sam Bouldin, Teresa Prater, Jennifer Burks, Lea Ray and Cecelia Ward be added to the list of names to speak at the meeting on Feb. 21. Only four people were allowed to speak at the meeting. The four people were: Stacy Lee, Jennifer Burks, Patrick Robinson and Luanne Laxson.

At the meeting, L. Craig Johnson said that other people had requested to speak and a certified letter was sent to the city. UCDD Staff Planner Tommy Lee said, “Well sir, I didn’t receive that list. This is not a public hearing, this is a public meeting so the four people who called me and asked to be put on the agenda is what I received and that is all I can do.”

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