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TSP Funds Tick Up After Two Months of Losses

November 2, 2022

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Reversing a two-month trend of losses, nearly every portfolio in the Thrift Savings Plan was in the black in October, but despite those gains every fund in the 401(k)-style retirement savings program except the G Fund remains in the negative for the year.

The only Thrift Savings Plan investment in the red last month was the fixed income F Fund, which fell 1.26%. The S Fund’s small- and mid-size businesses, saw the biggest gains, with an increase of 8.59%.

The common stocks of the C Fund were up 8.10% in October. The international stocks of the I Fund were up 5.98% last month. The government securities G Fund was up 0.34% in October, bringing its gain this year to 2.29%.

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