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Transportation Visibility Is Key for USPS and Mailing Industry

January 3, 2023

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With all the data being generated today as new and updated technology systems are implemented, the United States Postal Service could be on the cutting edge when it comes to visibility into its transportation network. That is certainly where it is heading, particularly under the current Postmaster General’s leadership with his background in private industry logistics and the strategies articulated in the Delivering for America plan, which includes the implementation of a state-of-the-art logistics ecosystem. Today, the USPS is working aggressively to update its transportation and logistics management systems so that it can leverage data to achieve transportation visibility in a way it never has before.

At the same time, there are key groups that are equally dependent on the USPS’s successful development of a transportation visibility system because they are in the business of transporting mail and parcels — the mailing industry that drop ships a significant volume of mail and parcels into the USPS’s network and the private transportation service providers that comprise the USPS’s surface transportation network.

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