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This postal worker is the community’s ‘ear to the street.’ The residents are repaying her with a wedding fund.

January 31, 2022
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Kara Marmo sat on the side porch of her Mt. Lebanon home shortly after her father died to spend a few moments remembering him when her mail carrier, Sarah Hill, yelled a cheerful hello.

As Ms. Marmo looked over, Ms. Hill could see she was crying and didn’t hesitate to lend an ear, involving herself when many would have abstained. “She just made me feel so much better, and she made me laugh because she has this contagious laugh,” Ms. Marmo said.

She snapped a picture of her friend and mail carrier that day and posted it to Facebook as a public thank-you.

In December, Ms. Marmo snapped another picture of Ms. Hill, 37, of Mt. Lebanon, this time one of her flashing a brand new, sparkling diamond on her left ring finger. By the end of the month, she had posted that picture on a GoFundMe page she started: “Help Sarah Buy the Wedding Dress of Her Dreams!” which was published to her community’s Facebook page.

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