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Thefts from USPS blue boxes continue to plague Dayton area

January 10, 2023
2023 01 10 at 4.57 PM


There’s a growing concern around the places where people drop off their mail for delivery, along with the safety of those who deliver it.

West Carrollton police said the thefts seem to be an ongoing issue, not just in its jurisdiction, but other area jurisdictions, as well. “Thieves are stealing mail and changing the amount and payee information on checks,” police said.

The Beavercreek Police Department on Jan. 3 also reported recent thefts and warned residents about the dangers of using the outdoor boxes.

“If you are paying bills by mail and have utilized the blue boxes in the past, we encourage you to begin delivering your outgoing mail to the drop off stations inside the post office,” the Beavercreek Police Department said in a press release.

Mail theft has been an ongoing problem across the country and in the Dayton area.

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