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The USPS Local Connect service test made $191 in 3 months nationwide

July 26, 2022
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  • A new U.S. Postal Service product offering next-day local delivery made less than $200 in revenue in its first three months of market testing, according to an agency report.
  • From its launch on Jan. 9 to March 31, USPS Connect Local Mail handled just 65 parcels, per the report, which was submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission on May 10. USPS Connect Local, which Connect Local Mail is part of, was available in more than 800 Texas locations when it was first announced in February.
  • Connect Local Mail focuses on documents, making it distinct from USPS Connect Local’s package shipping service. But they both share the goal of offering improved USPS access to local mailers, and the agency “considers each product as important to the success of the other,” it wrote in a Nov. 10 filing.

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