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The USPS is challenging the PRC’s authority to open a public inquiry on the DFA plan

May 5, 2023

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The Postal Service has just filed a motion with the Postal Regulatory Commission challenging the Commission’s authority to open a public inquiry docket on the Delivering for America plan. “The Postal Service … respectfully requests that the Commission reconsider and withdraw Order No. 6488 [which opened the docket], as it is based on a material error of law.”

According to the Postal Service, “Order No. 6488 creates a ‘forum’ to delve into ‘issues related to the Postal Service’s Delivering for America Strategic Plan’ without identifying a legal basis that allows the Commission to conduct such a far-flung inquiry. The Order has no limiting principles grounded in the Commission’s authority, and instead permits the Commission, as well as any interested party, to inquire into any and all aspects of the Plan, and hence—given the breadth of the Plan—upon the Postal Service’s strategic initiatives generally. This includes matters that the Commission has previously recognized are outside of its jurisdiction.”

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