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The site looked real. But it wasn’t. Now, Wichita woman warns of package tracking scam

June 20, 2023

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When Teresa Owen saw the text message flash across her cellphone screen Monday morning, she responded without hesitation.

It appeared to be a package delivery update from the United States Postal Service.

She had been waiting for some shipments carrying important medical equipment. She didn’t want any delays.

Owen, of Wichita, clicked a link in the message that took her to a website she says bore post office information and logos. It told her a package was 30 cents short of postage and asked her to pay to avoid a delivery problem. The tracking number looked legitimate.

She promptly entered her debit card number and thought, “this is the post office. I want to get this done fast.”

Relief washed over her until her bank emailed. She’d been scammed.

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