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The Last Thing the USPS Needs Is a ‘Green’ Fleet

June 15, 2022
tareq ismail HEisQPDi H8 unsplash


The Democrats’ campaign to impose the Green New Deal on USPS is not feasible and fails to make economic sense.

A March 2022 report by the USPS Inspector General makes two important points highlighting the challenges of making this environmentalist effort a reality: (1) “The upfront cost of buying a new electric delivery vehicle is significantly higher than the cost of buying a new gasoline powered vehicle. Electric vehicles also require the installation of chargers and related electrical infrastructure, which further adds to the upfront costs,” and (2) “The upfront costs of vehicles and charging infrastructure are significant factors for the Postal Service as it determines the number of electric vehicles it will purchase in the future.

External financial assistance would significantly change the cost-benefit analysis for the Postal Service. Congress is currently considering legislation that would help subsidize the purchase of electric vehicles and, in some areas, there will be incentives available to aid in the cost of installing charging infrastructure.”

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