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Subscription service mails reproductions of historic letters

March 22, 2022
HistoricMail large story


An online company is bringing reproductions of notable letters from the past to the mailboxes of history buffs all over the world.

Historic Mail, founded in 2020, offers several subscription services that allow customers to receive reproductions of letters from the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Mark Twain, Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla.

The letters are researched for authenticity and “reproduced as faithfully as possible” on vintage paper, according to Denise Wong, one of the partners.

“They make great gifts,” she said.

The company’s most popular package is a 10-week subscription, starting at $59.99, of American history spanning 1776-1976. All letters are mailed from a fulfillment center in Livingston, MT.

Historic Mail is one of several businesses that are relying on the U.S. Mail to serve lovers of history and culture. Some have used the mail to connect with audiences who’ve stayed away from darkened theaters during the coronavirus pandemic, while others are using letters to tell fictional love stories.

Historic Mail even has a sister business: Established Titles, which offers certificates for small souvenir plots of land in Scotland for a granted title in return.

The packs provide a novelty product for those who want to purchase a little something different for their themselves, family members or friends.

Like the Historic Mail letters, the Established Titles certificates are sent by mail.

Said Wong: “We depend entirely upon USPS or we wouldn’t have a product or business.”

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