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‘Since when is getting your mail a privilege?’: Germantown residents rally for better mail service

June 13, 2022


Germantown residents are fed up with their local mail service.

“Hi-de, hi-de, hi-de-ho, post office management has got to go,” about 20 people chanted outside the post office at 5209 Greene Street on Saturday morning. Their signs read: “Give us our mail” and “Mail tampering is theft.” More community members drove by honking and yelling in solidarity.

Residents have had longtime issues with the neighborhood’s only post office. They say mail has been lost, stolen, and incorrectly or slowly delivered.

Mail delivery troubles for residents of the Wood Norton Apartments, 370 W. Johnson Street, were first reported in Germantown Info Hub, a community journalism project. Tim Styer, 67, a Wood Norton resident who has lived in the complex for six years, first posted about his grievances with the post office in a neighborhood Facebook group. Soon, the post had accumulated more than 50 responses from residents expressing similar concerns.

Styer and his neighbors decided to organize Saturday’s rally.

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