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San Antonio Postal workers plan rally to improve working conditions

August 18, 2023
2023 08 18 at 3.35 PM


SAN ANTONIO — Postal service employee representatives said mail carriers have ended up in the ER multiple times this summer and they keep finding more safety issues in San Antonio. Now they are planning a rally on Sunday, August 20, at 9 a.m. at the main post office in the city at 10410 Perrin Beitel to call for better working conditions.

Louise Jordan, the President of the National Letter Carriers Association Branch 421, walked into the U.S Post Office Dobie Station this week to investigate if the air conditioning was working. She said management claimed it worked but employees said it was out. She said it turns out they were both right: The AC worked for management but not for those on the work floor.  Jordan wasn’t happy.

“Either the postmaster was giving me misleading information or he was provided misleading information but, either way,  anybody on that floor was aware there was no air conditioning at that location,” Jordan said.

Dobie station has also had a broken water fountain for some time, even though the water found was, supposedly, the main place for employees to get water. Jordan said bottled water had been provided during COVID, as they were safer than using a community water fountain, but the bottles had suddenly disappeared from all stations in the heat of the summer.

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