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Sacramento woman inundated with packages she never ordered

December 29, 2022
2022 12 29 at 4.22 PM


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Sacramento woman has been receiving dozens of packages she didn’t order over the last few weeks. After reaching out to postal services and trying to ship the packages back only for them to return again, she reached out to ABC10 for help.

Longtime Sacramento resident Connie Mathews told ABC10 she’s received about 100 portable plug-in heaters she did not purchase.

“They started coming Friday, two weeks, before Christmas and every day I would get sometimes two boxes, sometimes more,” she said. “Yesterday, there were seven boxes waiting on the porch for us.”

The boxes originate from addresses all over the United States, including Iowa, North Carolina and others.

“The same thing over and over again. I have never ordered a portable heater. I don’t need one,” she said.

They were all shipped to her home where she’s lived for around 40 years.

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