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Richmond postal service worker accused of having relationship with minor

July 27, 2023
2023 07 27 at 4.04 PM


A Richmond man is now facing multiple charges following an investigation into an alleged sexual relationship with a minor. The Richmond Police Department say they began receiving reports of the alleged encounters on July 9th, 2023.

When the victim was questioned about the allegations, she reportedly told officers that she had begun a sexual relationship with 52-year-old David Hamilton when she was just 17 years old. The victim added that she knew Hamilton since she was nine years old as Hamilton had delivered mail to her residence since then.

According to the arrest citation, the relationship between Hamilton and the victim ended shortly after her 18th birthday.

An examination of the victim’s phone revealed items apparently confirming the relationship. From January through May 2023, Hamilton allegedly sent multiple obscene photographs to the minor and received at least one item of a sexual performance by the minor. Investigators also say they discovered text messages shared between the two discussing sexual encounters prior to the victim’s 18th birthday.

Additionally, Hamilton was reported to have purchased cigarettes and alcohol for the minor on multiple occasions.

When brought in for questioning, Hamilton denied having a relationship with the victim until after her 18th birthday, but apparently told officers that he allowed her to live with him while she was 17 years old. During a search of Hamilton’s residence, investigators discovered further evidence of the relationship as well as drug paraphernalia.

Hamilton was placed under arrest and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center where he was charged with offenses including 3rd Degree Rape and Sodomy as well as drug possession

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