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Rep. Brittany Pettersen addresses Postmaster General for CO District 7

January 25, 2023
2023 01 25 at 4.20 PM


U.S. Representative Brittany Pettersen (CO-07) sent a letter on Tuesday, Jan. 24 to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy about the urgent postal operation issues in the Buena Vista and Twin Lakes community. Some residents served by the Buena Vista Post Office have gone weeks without receiving mail, including delays in the delivery of essential packages containing prescription drugs, food, and other necessary items.

In the letter, Pettersen requests answers about how long it will take residents to receive mail in the short term, how USPS intends to fix wait times and understaffing, and how they will mitigate these issues going forward. Pettersen is encouraging residents experiencing issues with their mail delivery to fill out the form linked on her website:

“The current employees are overwhelmed and understaffed, and USPS has failed to provide the adequate support for them to do their jobs properly. This issue did not occur overnight and has been ongoing for several years,” wrote Pettersen. “This has resulted in many individuals needing to drive hours to pick up their prescription drugs, and they cannot rely upon USPS for delivery of essentials like food, clothing, or other needed items.”

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