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Postmaster General says he’s been cleared in federal probe

March 31, 2022


WASHINGTON – Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said Thursday that the Justice Department has closed without criminal charges an investigation into political fundraising activity at his former business.

“As I said from the beginning and have maintained throughout this process, I was confident that after a thorough review the Justice Department would find all of my activities to be lawful,” DeJoy said in a statement provided to The Associated Press. “I have always adhered to the law in my personal and professional life.”

He added that he was “not surprised” that the department had concluded its investigation and that he was “pleased that this episode is over.”

The Justice Department declined to comment. But it is standard practice for department officials to reveal to defense lawyers that their investigations have concluded without charges rather than make that announcement themselves. A DeJoy spokesman said DeJoy’s lawyer had received that notification from the department.

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