Who Killed the Electric Mail Truck?

Mail trucks, which mostly drive short and predictable routes, are perfect candidates for leading the electrification revolution. But the USPS, as an institution, is not.

A year ago, the USPS announced it was buying between 50,000 and 165,000 new delivery trucks over the next decade from Oshkosh Defense, a defense contractor based in Wisconsin, as part of the long-awaited replacement of the current iconic mail trucks. The USPS provided few details about the vehicles, except to highlight key features like air conditioning, automatic emergency braking, and other safety technology, none of which the famous boxy neighborhood delivery vehicles have. The USPS also said the trucks would be a mix of both battery electric and internal combustion engine vehicles, but didn’t specify the ratio.

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Does anyone have any clue what it would take infrastructure wise to electrify the USPS fleet? The Postal Service is too cheap to pay its employees for the actual hours they work. Look at the run down, crumbling Post Offices’ around the Country. What fool would think USPS can invest in green technology?