White House not budging on USPS request for vaccine mandate exemption

White House press secretary Jen Psaki gave no inclination on Thursday that the administration would be willing to budge on the vaccine mandate issued by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), despite pleas from the U.S. Postal Service.

“OSHA issued an emergency temporary standard to protect workers from the spread of coronavirus on the job everywhere at companies, including the Postal Service,” she said, referring to the directive that will impact millions of workers.

“And the agency found that compliance with the rule was feasible for all employers, including the Postal Service,” the press secretary added.

Psaki’s comments come one day after Deputy Postmaster General Douglas Tulino wrote a letter to the administration requesting a 120-day waiver from the vaccine mandate.

Tulino alleged the directive could have a “potentially catastrophic impact” on the already strained mail system.

Psaki said she would allow OSHA to speak on its own guidelines but argued Thursday that the Postal Service was provided “compliance resources” to help it roll out vaccine and testing requirements for all of its employees.

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If this goes through the mail will grind to a holt.

Jen Psaki is a damn idiot!

Everyone has had plenty of time to get a vaccine and a booster. This is for the benefit of everyone….not just yourself! Once “one” organization is allowed an exemption or even a postponement, all other’s will feel they are entitled too. Thumbs up to Jen Psaki.

That’s wild that people believe you should have to get shots because the government tells you to. People have no idea what long term effects this could have on an individual since this vaccine was rushed.
I’m vaccinated btw

Did you not get vaccines to go to school?

They vaccines were studied and developed over years I think once u have covid u should not have to get vaccine my daughter is fully vaccinated and I am not we were sick at same time and got well at same time with no differences in symptoms a vaccinated person can spread same as any one else