USPS bins in Hampton Roads taped up after being pried open, mail stolen

NORFOLK, Va. — Several USPS mail collection bins across Hampton Roads are boarded up. So, what’s going on?

News 3 Problem Solver Erin Miller started investigating the taped mailboxes earlier in the week.

Since her initial report, she learned these are the same broken bins that were vandalized in December.

The United States Postal Inspection Service said they are investigating after several collection bins were physically pried open and mail was stolen.

Now almost two months into the new year, they’re still not fixed.

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Do not put mail in Blue collection boxes after the last pick up time and where the mail sits in a collection box all night long. Go inside a post office and drop off your mail. This is not the 1950’s anymore, unless your blind look at all of the increases in crime, this is just another symptom of a lager crime problem.