Twins follow father’s footsteps into Postal Service, with all attaining postmaster status

NORWOOD — Joe Keller, postmaster of Morton Post Office and officer-in-charge of Norwood Post Office, says that he got his strong work ethic and learned to do his job well, from following the example of his “No. 1 hero.”

His twin brother Mike Keller, postmaster of Swarthmore Post Office and officer-in-charge of Marcus Hook Post Office, echoed his brother’s statement. Mike stated that he has the exact same hero, on and off the job.

The men were speaking of their father, John Keller, also known as the Keller family superhero, as well as the retired postmaster of the Ridley Park Post Office.

It’s all in the family for the Kellers.

The three men found long and successful career paths through the United States Postal Service.

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