Theft suspect caught with 37 pounds of stolen mail, counterfeit keys

Emeryville police caught a mail thief in the act and later recovered 37 pounds of stolen mail and counterfeit keys, the department said Thursday.

Shomari Evans, 42, of Morgan Hill, has been arrested for breaking into the mail room at Bridgewater condominiums along Christie Avenue early Wednesday morning and opening mailboxes and stealing the mail inside.

Police said when officers arrived, Evans ran from officers to a second-floor garage and jumped into some bushes.

He later surrendered,

Evans is facing burglary, fleeing from police, and other charges related to mail theft.


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Hopefully the U.S. Attorney’s office in California will take this case because if they don’t it doesn’t matter how good of a case the USPIS (Postal Inspectors) has on this suspect; the USPIS can’t prosecute their own cases. Lots of big city USAO’s don’t want to prosecute mail related cases or set thresholds so high nothing gets accepted. A lot of USAO’s only want drug and gun cases. Part of the reason there is a spike mail related crimes in the US.