Postal Workers Deserve More Respect and Support from Environmental Elites

The Natural Resources Defense Council warned of the “increased climate impacts” if the vehicles are not electric, while urging USPS to account for the social-economic impacts of where the vehicle production is likely to occur.

But for the more than 200,000 postal workers driving the old, dangerous trucks there was no concern.

Democratic states attorneys general who are suing USPS for more electric vehicles similarly ignored the plight of postal workers in their extensive August 15 public comments filed with USPS. In calling for at least 90 percent of the vehicles to be electric, the filing is heavy on concerns about the planet, but no mention of their constituents who drive these trucks.

The grandiose language includes, “The States have a strong interest in preventing the adverse environmental and public health impacts of fossil fuel development and combustion, including air quality degradation and public health harms associated with the use of fossil fuel-powered vehicles.”

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