Postal Thefts Lead to Calls for Removing USPS Collection Mailboxes

According to police, people are stealing mail, then using checks to commit identity theft. Residents in Chicago neighborhood’s of Garfield Ridge reported similar incidents in October, saying they became a victim of check washing, a form of fraud where scammers steal, fake and forge mailed checks.

According to Frank Albergo, head of the Postal Police Officers Association, the blue collection mailboxes continue to be a target for thieves. Albergo said he supports the removal of the mailboxes.

“The blue collection boxes are being hit over and over again,” Albergo said. “Postal customers need to walk into the post office and mail their letters. Of course, it’s inconvenient, but at this point, the Inspection Service cannot guarantee the security of the mail when in those blue boxes. Blue boxes have been a slice of Americana which unfortunately can no longer be trusted.”

Police in Naperville have advised residents who plan on mailing checks or any other valuables to use mail drop locations inside of post offices rather than the blue mailboxes. Police in Niles have also issued similar advice.

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Why is any reporter listening to or writing about anything Frank Albergo, head of the Postal Police Officers Association, is saying? Postal Police don’t investigate anything (except a hobo living in a post office lobby) nor do they hardly ever make an arrest, (see their actually arrests stats, good luck finding them, and don’t use postal inspector stats). Look at prior news stories on Postal Times with Frank in them and see my prior comments to find out the real reason Frank is on a PR Blitz. It’s tiresome to keep making comments concerning Frank and the reasons he’s in… Read more »

Why print him? Simple, he has a title and he will talk on the record

Max Steele – The Inspection Service is a scam and you know it. Please stop spewing USPIS propaganda. Mail theft has skyrocketed since Postal Police Officers were sidelined. While the Postal Police Officers were taking mail theft seriously, Postal Inspectors were at home in their pajamas collecting Law Enforcement Availability Pay and locality pay.

Postal customers can either believe the Inspection Service and your idiotic talking points or they can believe their own eyes.

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Why print him? Because the Inspection Service isn’t doing a damn thing to stop mail theft and the media, Congress and the American public are getting tired of it.

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If you want a real comment on an investigative or policy issue with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service go to a Postal Inspector or the Chief Postal Inspector? Really, Maxine Steele? All they do is BS the American public and the media. But hey, go ahead and keep lying on their behalf, you dimwit.

Maxine Steele. And as for your idiotic comment “nor do they hardly ever make an arrest, (see their actually arrests stats, good luck finding them, and don’t use postal inspector stats),” this proves you are one of them (an inspector) just running your soup coolers. PPO arrest statistics are compiled and maintained by the USPIS. They downgrade or destroy ALL evidence of PPO statistics, while at the same time, they inflate postal inspector statistics by stealing local police arrests and claiming them as their own.

Get your facts right.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) by the Numbers • 1,096% Explosion of Mail Theft Complaints from 2017 to 2020. According to NBC News, the Inspection Service received 25,000 mail theft complaints in 2017. According to the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Inspection Service received 299,020 mail theft complaints in 2020 (March 2020 to February 2021). This means that in less than three [3] years mail theft complaints increased more than TENFOLD. • 1,654% Explosion of Stolen Checks for Sale on the Dark Web from 2020 to 2022. The Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Research Group at Georgia State University, a… Read more »

Max — How do you explain these numbers? You might want to shut up before Congress figures out that USPIS is a complete waste of postal revenue. You and all your fellow postal inspectors will be out of your do-nothing jobs.

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Maxine Steele:

Facts don’t lie—liars, like you, lie.

The inspectors make an average of one arrest per year each, yet make twice the salary that PPOs make. The reason PPO’s don’t have a higher amount of arrests is that they’re penalized for doing their job. The USPIS doesn’t care about employee safety, they care about making inspectors look good and putting down anybody else that might protect the post office, but hurt their feelings. It’s simple, if they cared about employees or property, we wouldn’t have let her carries getting murdered every week and inspectors “investigating” the remnants. Are used to be a letter carrier, and had my… Read more »