Postal Supervisors – We Manage Mail Delivery—We Don’t Deliver Mail!

At the recent NAPS national convention in New Orleans, I was concerned to hear our members describe what a day at work looked like for a delivery supervisor in Customer Service. It went a little like this:

  1. Manage clerk operations.
  2. Manage carrier operations.
  3. Manage all the programs required to be completed each day.
  4. Manage window operations.
  5. Go deliver mail.

Wait! Go deliver mail?! Let’s make sure we understand the role of a Customer Service supervisor. Our job is to manage the processing and delivery of mail by craft employees—not to deliver the mail!

Some individuals in local senior leadership clearly have forgotten our roles. Through the consultative process, NAPS asked USPS Headquarters Labor Relations for an explanation regarding when EAS (non-bargaining) employees can be forced, coerced or otherwise required to case routes or deliver mail.


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Supervisors should deliver mail so they know how horrible the working conditions are for carriers. Sitting at a desk all day micromanaging the over worked is not helping for morale or turnover.

Looks like to me that quite a few of them are either going to deliver mail or hit the door. They made a career out of telling us how to do it, now they get to show us. Enjoy!

They couldn’t manage a good poop with a suppository. Most of them has never delivered a piece of mail in their life. How can you manage something that you’ve never done.

No matter how bad you screw up in life, you can always be a USPS supervisor