‘Operation Broken Arrow’: Congressman Davis calls for more protection for mail carriers

Following the murder of a postal worker in Milwaukee and several attacks here in the Chicago area, Congressman Danny Davis is asking the public to keep an eye on their postal workers.

“Operation Broken Arrow” is an ongoing federal investigation into thefts of postal keys and mail. The Investigation has resulted in at least five arrests in the Chicago area.

Congressman Davis says since 2018, reports of mail carrier robberies have more than tripled from 80 robberies in 2018 to more than 260 in 2021.

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I think all that can be done is being done at this time. What is the congressman suggesting that we have armed guards/police with every mail carrier? I guess the price of a stamp would jump to about $3.00 to pay for all of this new protection.

I disagree. Allow carriers to carry a firearm. Those who possess a license to carry, should be allowed to. Watch the thefts and attacks drop.

So if one of these gun carrying postal workers give up their keys without a fight do we hold a stand up talk rip the eagle off of their uniform and publicly call them out for cowardice?

The last time robberies spiked up was because the jeeps were replaced with a bit more difficult to break in LLVs. This time because we are replacing arrow keys with a bit more difficult to copy mall keys so armed robbery is used to get more up to date burglary tools. I don’t know if it possible to break the escalation cycle of trying to protect the mail, and the buildings we enter and the bad people going to greater lengths to steal.