Meet the new boss… better than the old boss?

This was shared online and it is from what I assume must be a DM (District manager) or MPOO (Manager Post Office Operations).. I do not know the original source.

PMGs expectations and plan
POT (Penalty Overtime?) will be eliminated. This is not cost effective and will be taken away

Overtime will be eliminated. Again we are paying too much in OT. If the plants run late they will keep the mail for the next day. If you get mail and your carriers are gone and you cannot get the mail out without OT it will remain for the next day. It must be reported in CSDRS (Computer program)

The PMG stated some of the most influential people in the USPS are the DM,(District manager)  AVP’s (Area Vice President) and corporate support. The are the people he will looking at first for savings.

Level 18 offices that has a customer service window open more than 8 hours will close for lunch to meet the 8 hour time. Once we get through the level 18’s they will be looking at level 20s and possibly 21 offices for the same process. You all have the information to be timely on the submission on the signage and times you are proposing to close.

Any employee who is not working a full day, regardless of craft or EAS (executive administrative schedule – supervisors and up I believe) and you are abusing time, this will be reported and investigated. This is again, not cost effective and just not proper integrity for any employee from the craft to the highest levels of corporate management. The PMG states this is inefficiency in the organization and will be looked at. This is something I have gone over countless time and focus will be hard on this.

Workers compensation cases will be looked at to either get them back to work or find another avenue for them.

All details, 204, OIC other than approved details will be discontinued. This is all of them. We have people in sales, call centers and so on, they will all be terminated and you will work your form 50 job. We will be filling all EAS vacancies so if you have a vacant job, it needs to be posted and awarded. If you have a job being taken by someone on detail, they will be coming back. ALL details will be terminated.

These are some of the first wave of changes that will be coming to the USPS this year. Many of the changes are are good and should have been done years ago. We all need to embrace these changes to keep the USPS in service. The PMG said this..

We all must have a different mindset to keep the usps alive
He did not say to keep it going with some savings, these changes need to be done to keep the USPS alive. If you think we are beyond untouchable I will remind you of US Steel. In 1975 they were the largest company in the world. They are gone. GM has closed many plants including 2 in Ohio. Packard Electric, they are gone. Many if not all of these due to those companies not wanting to change and be profitable. You all must be a part of this. Things will change and we need to stop thinking like we did decades ago.

All routes will have no more than 4 park points. We will moving towards that this summer. Park points are abused, not cost effective and taken advantage of

DUOs (Delivery Unit Optimization) are on the table again

All routes will not start before DUT. (Distribution Up time) So if you are getting DUT up late because of the work staff, you will change start times. The plants are not to send the mail late. DUTs must be met or you will move your carriers to the DUT. This means we may have carriers starting as late as 0900 in some cases but will not start them any later

SDO (Scheduled Day off – city) usage will be decreased dramatically. The POOMS (Post Office Operations Manager) and only the POOMS can authorize SDO. Any PM from this point that uses an SDO on their own will have to answer for it. There is NO SDO USAGE WITHOUT THE POOMS APPROVAL… PERIOD. If you are one of the leaders that assist me and feel I will not mind, you are wrong. 100% follow up will taken for using an SDO without permission from me

If we cannot deliver the mail due to call offs or shortage of people and you have no other help, the mail will not go out and you will have to report this in CSDRS

These are the best images we have at this time..  The above text has been taken from the files below from what could be read.

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Well, well, well. Does anyone else thinks that this will work? Talk about changing standards. Here come a bunch of customer service complaints.

When has management at any level cared about customer service?

I agree, I work for the New Orleans P&D center located downtown New Orleans and management is doing nothing for customer service and it’s employees . There are given these positions out of favoritism and treat everyone as if they do the work. In many cases the New Orleans P&D center management has suspended personal especially Veterans for no reason to prove the are doing their job. Maintenance managers are a prime example from the maintenance head manager to it’s supervisors.

what did the union say about eliminating Veterans jobs?

Union that cant go on strike has no power!

They used to care when they had to answer the phone!

Only numbers

Ofcourse management cares about customer service.

There are many in management that care about customer service. Unfortunately, when our hands are tied by the higher ups, we are the ones that get the heat….

They have worked in other countries.

Management also Creates a hostile environment. They play Employees against employees. They’re friends with the laziest employees that comes to work for 8 hour and barely do a hour worth of work and they don’t say anything. And they treat the good hard working employees like crap. I never could and still can’t figure that out. I call that stilling time. Don’t get me started I could write a book about the plant where I work at. The truth and nothing but the truth. SAD SAD Pathetic

They are told to ride the hard workers that care because the lazy employees will never move faster no matter what!

Tammie must work in Dallas because she wasn’t sh*t as a manager

Slugs get away with laziness due to union protection. brings good workers down to their level. 35 years at po

you got that right you have your sexual predators and their stocking young girls and they don’t do what they’re told is being stalked sexually they lose their job before they can become 90 days until the system what happened to my daughter went after my son and also came after me as a mother so Alex Lewis need to be investigated just like Donald Trump and Louis dejoy…..sexual predator in the workplace Alex Lewis has been promoted to senior MDO had a case of sexuality in court and still has the job. They need to fire him just like… Read more »

I wonder how many years do those so called lazy workers have because if I’ve been working for over 30 yrs with no major injuries. Its because I take my time because I’ve seen how they treat people who rush rush rush and then get hurt. They gets no respect.

It’s the same situation at my office in Glendale California

Same in Ybor

Same in carson California

The EXACT same thing is happening at the plant I’m working at……..THE EXACT SAME THING

Amen to that as a city carrier we do all the work and our janitor and workmans Comp employees ride the system And all of us They come to work daily they come to work daily get treated like crap

J. Lopez, I am a custodian in Louisville, KY. and I WORK every day! I take pride in what I do and I make it my mission every day to make sure the clerks and the mail handlers in my location have the cleanest place possible in which to work. They work hard and they deserve that. I am a damn good employee and so are most of the people that work in my department. The ones that aren’t, aren’t crappy workers because they’re custodians, they’re crappy workers because they’re crappy people. I don’t care what craft you’re talking about… Read more »

I couldn’t agree with you more. You just proved to me that I am not imagining and seeing things that is happening every single day of the year. I know people that punch in and stays in their truck for 8 hours doing nothing. And still find a reason to complain.

Wow 100 percent agree with you. You nailed it. Worked my tail end off for over 32 yes and watched so many lazy people doing nothing!


Management only care about the numbers…. and lying about having under time

While I commend the PO to try desperate new methods; in order to successfully implement this new PIVOT PLAN the Management must FIRST train & hire many more Flexibles, and create new jobs as well fill all jobs that have become vacant due to retirement, termination, or death to handle this massive undertaking within: travel distribution; sales; carriers; junk mail; and, marketing MUST let the Nation know what’s happening – so Customers aren’t bombarding Sales Clerks, Carriers, and Supervisors with tons of questions or getting pissed off do to these changes. Hello?! Secondly, the PO should FIRST deal with internal… Read more »

Having your mail delayed is not good now I just retired six years ago from the Postal Service first and second class mail went out daily and it was never held until the next day now what’s up with that

Wow. Starting at the works instead of trimming the fat at higher levels. No surprise

Always seems to be that way … bust our asses for dickheads I’ve got 23 yrs in and I’m out in 5 cant frkn wait


obviously didnt read it all….you missed this part…All details, 204, OIC other than approved details will be discontinued. This is all of them. We have people in sales, call centers and so on, they will all be terminated and you will work your form 50 job. We will be filling all EAS vacancies so if you have a vacant job, it needs to be posted and awarded. If you have a job being taken by someone on detail, they will be coming back. ALL details will be terminated.

Wow. Starting at the workers level first. Let’s trim the fat at higher levels first

AVP – Area Vice President

We have a very serious supervisor and Podt master problem. They promote the weak and dumb. If you don’t know how to delegate and command you have no business being in charge. Running a frontline floor with 35 city carriers and 18 HCR carriers takes skill and no how. You cannot stick your head in a computer and expect these people to do what they need to do. We have had our frontline supervisor take control of the schedule and he misses at least 2 routes a day and then instead of covering it with downtime and productive CCA’S he… Read more »

True true and true they don’t even know the mail flow. I had a MDO ask me was the mail first class or standard mail. It was first class I could have said it was standard he didn’t know. Getting paid big dollars and don’t the mail flow. I can go on and on, like I once said I can write a book.

I am writing a book. See my post above.

Part of the problem is that USPS makes it so no one with any intelligence would want to be a supervisor. You lose OT, COLA, and contractual raises. Most supevisors have not received a raise in 5 years (and no, there have not been “bonuses” in 15 years). They are stuck at their computers because there are about 30 mandated reports to be made by 10 am when they should be checking on their carriers and the operations.

Ok…so our contract is null and void now..?

We have a contract for a reason that’s what a Union for he may want this but you can’t always get what you want. We are not going to sit by and let this go down our Union is strong I believe we’re going to fight

Last edited 2 years ago by Meme

Like last time we were up for a contract? Heard our Union telling everyone, “Be happy you have a job” Bunch of pussies taking $60 a month.

You have a choice (unfortunately).
Our union has negotiated some of the best contracts over the years.
You are probably working one of those “time offender” jobs this guy is talking about . Sit on your ass and do nothing jobs. Well buddy boy l worked in the sixties before collective bargaining and you wouldn’t have wanted to be there with your whiny ass. Solidarity Forever!

My first check from starting in 1981 was like $8.75 per hour as a PTFS clerk. Good old days!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dan

are you in the Houston District? Because they are the same way

Fight fight fight

Lol what union do you have because the ones in Dallas not shit on a damn stick

So no the mail about to be delayed on routes!!!!! This is not about to be good

So I have to 2 routes a day and still beat the regulars, this is crap and I will never feel bad for a regular that is over paid m! Wonder why subs don’t stay.. we also have families!!!

Just so we are clear, doing two routes a day and complaining about regulars doesn’t mean you are the better carrier. It does, however, play right into the hands of management, which is what they want. And these are the same people that don’t give two Bob about anything but pleasing their boss or getting them of their back, at the expense of others. Wake up, slow down, get the delivery right, and stop throwing your fellow carriers under the bus. Or just go join management and continue to be a problem

Stop being a lazy ass regular and pick up the pace

Im a cca for 3 different offices. 1 office has a route that is ridiculously overrated. The regular cases all his dps in and sits around the office until 10 everday, takes an hr lunch break and sleeps. Hes been seen sitting at the end of a dead end street for up to an hr at times. Ive had customers tell me this. This is theft in my opinion. Another office ive seen regulars throwing away circulars on a weekly basis. I realize that a few bad apples dont spoil the bushel but its unreal what goes on. This is… Read more »

Those people need to b fired period

People will get away with whatever they can and they do because the supervisors dont do their jobs and the union defends everyone whether they deserve it or not

Unfortunately at our Post office we start off the clock work the flats sometimes parcels all before clerk get to office.I start between 5-5:30 then write in 8:00 it is crazy.At least today truck came nearly on time.

I have 200 packages per day on a regular bases last Monday I had 268 packages which will not fit into a Wrangler Unlimited. Before Amazon I averaged less than 100 packages a day how am I supposed to make the same times with the extra work load?

That comes from poor management…That carriers route should have been walked with a supervisor and carrier… Ride the streets see what your employees are doing there’s a location they should be at or near every hour of their route..They are some really awesome employees and non workers only work as bad as management allows…To discontinue service to area’s indefinitely is not a solution but a unjust to delivery customer’s and that’s unacceptable…Cost cutting is not suppose to be at the cost if the customer that opens the door for competitor’s..We learned that when UPS went on strike.. People didn’t know… Read more »

paid our dues, how bout you?

If you paid d them then quit

Doesn’t give you the right to steal from the rest of us.People like you are whats wrong with this country. You think because youve worked x amount of years your entitled to to being lazy and think you should be compensated for it. You want free money retire.

I agree you are doing what management wants. I used to be an Rca and was used and and abused by the system. Now I have my route only and that is all I do. Dont hate because wh have paid our dues.

That is the entire issue with the USPS. Keep slowing down and only doing 1/2 the work you should, NALC said do a fair days work for a fair days pay, if that happens Managers get cut since they are not “having” To go out with the carrier putting in for 4 hours help when a CCA or T6 would do it in 8…..Wake up and work like you make a good wage…or go work for someone that expects 4 hours of work for 8 hours of pay.

At our post office we work 10 to 12 hours and sign in sheet say 7 or 8 it’s crazy.

falsifying documents, call the union & the postal inspectors. No one should sign your name but you.. who signs your sign in sheet for you? Keep your own records of clock rings. Demand to sign that sheet yourself. In front of other people, witnesses.

Im in customer retention and we always know who misdelivered a package! 90% of the time, its the sub!

If your doing 2 routes a day, it’s not likely your following the rules, like scanning at the porch, filling stamp orders, Getting signatures etc, probably making alot of mistakes, plus regulars tend to know their customers and usually make more effort for better customer service. I always carry pkgs all the way to the door, which a fast sub will usually barely get them to the edge of the porch. So if that reg. Is working behind a sloppy fast sub that might explain why she takes more time.

You are a moron for doing that. Routes are put together to do 8 hr days. If you are doing 2 you are cutting corners and probably being unsafe. You are not going to move up by out working any regulars in your office. The problem is you don’t understand what your responsibilities are to the union negotiated route, regular or yourself. Most likely you will get burned out, hurt or worse.

Or skipping boxes and refusing to deliver to those in Whitewright, TX.

Carrier’s like you killing us. Go 204B!

You won’t last, runners Break down quick then mgt turns their back on you then according to this guy you will be relocated to another position. It is our Union & what are WE GOING TO DO, the Union is only as STRONG as WE make it. Every one has to pay their dues. You don’t walk into a job & expect to get the best routes & air conditioned vehicles from day 1. You start at the bottom work the shit assignments bid on the worst routes because that’s what your senority dictates. You gain senority by your years… Read more »

Priority mail was held to a 3 day delivery, now 3 days is a suggestion
Express mail was next day, 2nd latest. Now maybe 3 daysor….
Keep lowering delivery standards and wonder why customers use email

Brain work from a paper pusher. No thought about the elements outside.

That also means if routes don’t go out, mail won’t be picked up. I’m sure the sups will love getting hundreds of calls everyday about no one picking up their outgoing.

our boss tells us to skip houses with outgoing mail if they don’t receive mail that day

Trump has stated he want the PO, to be privatized, so the PMG, setting us up for failure so the PO, can be privatized. So you Trump supporters you got what he promised. It takes a fool, to go against your livelihood, but that’s what you all did!!! Dumb Ass

He backed off of that sentiment and besides that would never fly in congress. Too much bi-partisan support for the USPS as a government entity. Does need cleaned-up though. So, you’re a double dumb ass for trying to use old democrat scare tactics. I’ve been with the Postal Service for 35 years and heard the same BS every time a Republican is President. You’re probably one of those lazy fools the new PMG is targeting and you’re scared of losing your cushiony job..

He backed off of that sentiment and besides that would never fly in congress. Too much bi-partisan support for the USPS as a government entity. Does need cleaned-up though. So, you’re a double dumb ass for trying to use old democrat scare tactics. I’ve been with the Postal Service for 35 years and heard the same BS every time a Republican is President. Blah, Blah, Blah.


As a retired letter carrier and shop steward we always maintained that the USPS was poorly managed. That hasn’t changed to my knowledge. I’ve read on some FB pages that Trump appointed DeJoy, which is false. The Board of Governors did. Back during the bailout debate Trump initially refused to include the USPS because it was mismanaged and he cited the Amazon shipping issue. But he also said this on 4-25-2020; Trump, however, tweeted Friday that he will not let the Post Office fail. “It has been mismanaged for years, especially since the advent of the internet and modern-day… Read more »

Never has mail been suspended like this in all these areas..60622 is a north side area.. apparently they don’t know who they’re inconveniencing on that one..I pray this isn’t about mail in voting.. or manipulation for privatizing…Suspect when you appoint a person to do your bidding…

Maybe if the post office offered some kind of early out say 5 years to your retirement they would get ready of the highest paying workers in all crafts

well written and thought out !

I completely agree. Get rid of the old people that milk the tit of ot and v time.

you must be a route runner and miss deliver all the time

I’ve been praying for this to happen every day lately…..and I’ve only got 3 1/2 years left!!

Is against the law to curtail 1st class mail and hold it for next day. This will never work.

since when has the government followed the law?

Have to start somewhere

Yet is has been happening all over for a few years now

They’ll have to change the definition of 1st class.

Not true… it is illegal to delay it and NOT report it.

Last edited 2 years ago by B A Lewey

The Post Office might as well get rid of “informed delivery” because the customers use this service to track their mail. What is the point of having it if carriers are going to have to leave mail behind? This man only wants to keep higher up rich by abusing the carriers. They don’t care about us or the customers and this shows it

This is a set up for devastation!!! This looks like a plan to privatize but first they have to make us look like we don’t know how to run out organization and get the public on they side..

you sir are %100 correct

Exactly. Look another big government agency that doesn’t work! Time to privatize it!!

This is exactly what I said. Do as you’re told or answer to me. Ignoring this new ass to satisfy the customers is not an option for his plan to work. Starting late in itself will create complaints. I have 3 1/2 hours of businesses, not to mention on a park and loop route. 4 parking points is impossible. I can go on and on

What do you expect from a Trump lap dog? He, like every other person in the Trump administration has no idea of what they are doing. They have no business holding any of these positions. But that is the Modus Operandi of Republicans when they are in charge. They like to kill any and all public services, and they do it in one of 2 ways. They either starve the beast, (under-funding or no funding), or they purposely put incompetent people in charge. Example, Betsy DeVoss as head of the Dep. of Education. And remember Michael Brown? Bush’s man in… Read more »

Stop blaming Trump! We pay to have our Union deal with this

You can slam my awesome President Trump all you want. I’m a full time carrier for 24 years and the Democrats running the USPS are the ones destroying it. Maybe these new rules will save our jobs. Stop complaining like a snowflake and be happy you have a job. Change can be good!! Give it a chance

Typical Trump guy! Take your 24 years and realize y u have 24 years ! Not because of someone like Trump, Bush, etc. coincidence Rept

Democrats are in charge of the post office? Weird didn’t know that one.

You must be out of your damn mind if you a) support 45 and b) think that Democrats are ruining the post office. Last I checked, it wasn’t “Democrats” who crippled us with that damn Postal Reorganization Act

Whats crippled the usps is amazon getting cheaper shipping rates. And TRUMP hates Bezos…

Dennis, you are correct. It started with Postal Reorganization and the elimination of Civil Service

Trump 2020!!!
This has nothing to do with our awesome pres! Just decades of horrible management!

Trump 2020

It appears to me the liberal left is out to destroy everything.

Only 4 park points. Bahahahahahahahahah

4 park points, what an ass. ” Carriers will now grow wings and fly their routes, this is not a suggestion, this starts immediately” Thank God I retired just in time

*4 Park Points*
Is there a Satchel (Large Enough) for #IronMan to Carry all of that???
Asking For a Friend

What does “4 park points” mean? I’m a rural carrier and not familiar with this term.

No penalty…so how do you think all the parcels for the past 3 months are getting delivered. Penalty o.t

If it takes penalty, more than two hours of overtime then by definition there are not enough routes

They gonna have to add more routes and he’s talking about saving will see

Not enough routes huh. My office averages 2500 packages between the 35 routes this time of year. Since the pandemic we’ve had 6500+ each day. Open routes in which I’ve cased and split 2 then cased and carried my own. Vacations has started and no CCA’s since they’re quitting or transferring. So let’s see what happens when Saturday comes five open routes sit until Monday as moo overtime is allowed. Monday’s are hard enough. Btw Our office is one of the few in our area that has gotten the all the mail out everyday since the pandemic by using overtime.… Read more »

Sounds like he has an orchestrated plan to eliminate the Post Service from within.

It’s all Trump idea

Wouldn’t be the first PMG with that agenda.

That’s right, I agree! And how long has the Postal Service exsisted…think it’s been in this position before over the course of 200 years. Now we add a pandemic to an election year…ok.

RCA’s are doing two routes a day, but that is okay… Wonder why nobody wants to work her for the same pay as a newbie, it’s not fair to pay someone the same when I have to do all the work!!!!!!!

I’ve been working for the PO for 34 years. At our office the regulars are the ones who are working almost 2 routes a day because these millennial
CCAs are always calling out for work.
Once all the old heads retire, the PO is gonna go down due to no one coming to work.

the CCA’s in my office are the ones who call in the most. But they don’t get sick leave I was told

Perhaps this will cure some of the issues that plague the budget. This is a good start to place accountability on folks who are abusing the company for their own benefit. It will certainly show where the issue lies… Hold accountable those managers who don’t manage, and hold accountable those employees who milk the clock. This is a win, for the majority who put in a honest days work….

@draji This is a very true statement & I’m not opposed to even difficult change if it brings about a productive shift overall for the USPS. No one is going to embrace every step taken if they’re all drastically different from “what we’ve always done”, but it’s unreasonable to think what we’ve always done can remain if on the whole, the industry is suffering. My issue is simply the accountability factor. From the new PMG’s office – down, if every single person in a position of authority is not REQUIRED to implement the change in a given practice & then… Read more »

Whatever drug you’re on – I want some. You my friend are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Sure – some offices are going to try and do this. And some will make no attempt. And it will be just like it is in an office – the ones who are making the changes will be asked to give more. The offices who drag their feet won’t be held to account. Our office caters to those who have restrictions – mostly “can’t walk”. Who ever heard of a mailman who can’t walk? With 32 years in and 61 years… Read more »

This is definately the main problem in my opinion. My office has people on the “disabled” list for more than 10 years now. Its ridiculous how the crappy union protects these lazy bums. Its a certain segment of our workers. Nobody says anything for fear of political correctness. They get away with whatever they want because they no they are protected by this political correctness. You know exactly who I’m talking about. While our office is short on carriers, managment needs THREE 204B’s to help them with their jobs. Thats at least 24 hours per day of overtime that 8-hour… Read more »

Stop paying the higher people so much for sitting on their but, subs run every office and can do more than any regular! Higher ups are over paid, for nothing we do the work for no extra benefits!

Subs stink

Been there done that. Suck it up RCA. Everyone had to do it. Perhaps you aren’t cut out for this? I bet you had the common public misconception that this was an easy job, were you got to sit in the truck under a tree 3 hours a day.

Regulars are the problem? You’ve got it twisted sister. Without regulars there would be no office. Subs are what the Postal management would like the ‘new’ post office to look like.

Just a body to management y u think u are doing SO MUCH WORK they know you will RUN

Subs only run until they make regular.

Becca U R sooooo clueless but since u r new to the USPS time will teach u. U must be young and and u will learn as u mature.

Good luck,what a ahole

Been working for the po for 38 years and if I had a dollar for every time I heard no more overtime I would be richer that Warren Buffett , and leaving the mail behind really, tell your customers that and see how far that goes. How about cutting all the stupidvisors

Especially now that there is Informed Delivery. Hey, I had more mail than this according to ID. Where is it? At the office silly customer!

Says at the very bottom in fine print can take up to 7 days so you’re comment was actually irrelevant lol

Start cutting at the top. We have 4 stupidvisors just to make sure people return to the office. That’s 280k just to cross names off a list.

Stupidvisors!!! Lmao

Last edited 2 years ago by K.Harris

I always said, no such thing as a bad employee just a bad supervisor. I started as a carrier and worked my way up to a Postmaster 34 years ago, I hope this helps the usps to financial stability….I can’t tell you how much abuse I see daily from both sides craft/eas, tired of Ghostmasters, eas getting paid and their not even in the building, I was required to use a time card, and I liked using it, kept everyone honest….end all the details, fill all the vacancies….if your going to eliminate OT / POT start at the top….I worked… Read more »

Soo if we delay mail n bring it back how the hell is next day gona be 8hr day if we keep bringing back mail n parcels. How the hell r we gona do during xmas time?? Has this idiot even carried mail before?? I deffinally dont see how this is gona work

Stopping the plants from sending mail to the stations late will help the carriers. This should’ve happened a long time ago. Plants have been abusing and ignoring their time limits and making the stations take the hit. It could cause a backlog in the plants for a while but it’s time they start utilizing their time better. Plants are the biggest problem because they have little supervision who actually know their job and don’t know how to manage people. There should be very limited details and no 204bs. Supervisors should have at least 5 years on the job before they’re… Read more »

And the mail get to the plant late so

The mail is late because a lack of people. Some retire and there is no replacement. Running 100,000 pieces of mail and packing it out by yourself is no joke. Thus the late mail.

Yup, agree with Tony. It is NOT easy running a two person machine by yourself. Tour 3 gets the most workload but Tour 1 can’t manage their load at all….thus the late mail to stations…..

He work for Trump heck no he never carried mail

Right! If during the mail count, for Rural Carriers, IF we had good counters and TRUE mail counts, we could have better flow of mail during the year with accurate times. Some days you don’t have to put up the 2 or 3 full coverages and then other days you do. So whose going to decide that one?

Nothing New…

Well you should have see this coming for he was pointed by his buddy for he gave him a big donation. And stump dose not like us so they are going to do what ever than can to tear us down.

Rca ‘s save you money, why cuz no overhead, so wrong.. we do 3x the work the regulars do or the lazy subs! Start paying the workers, not the lazy! If you don’t you will never have a future! My routes love when I’m on cuz they get great service and their mail is early, compared to a lazy regular, get them out and have people love us again!!

Beca /Karen. This is your forth post on how great you are and how lazy regulars are. SHUT UP

Having a breakdown? I’m a regular. I always seem to have problems with RCA’s misdelivering, messing up forwards, vacation holds, rolling mail etc… (the simple stuff) Creating more work for me when I come back to work. Suck it up or quit.

But that’s how they get done so early. Sure, if I didn’t put hold mail away, actually LOOK at the mail I am forwarding, just open the mailboxes and throw everything for that number in – even the guy who moved three years ago – but who has time to read names? I’ve actually been told by a CCA that “if it has the number on it – it gets delivered “. Nice. Very professional. But hey, you’re done at two o’clock! Promote them – so they can try and tell those of us who know the job – how… Read more »

Don’t know where you’re at, but we don’t have lazy regulars. However we do have rca’s that slop through as fast as they can to get paid more than they work. Leave notices in mailbox for signature items without attempting to the door, leave parcels they don’t want to take out, you name it, it’s done. All because there’s no accountability as PM’s are handcuffed to not discipline them to be make sure they don’t quit. It works both ways.

I’m a regular and not lazy at all! I work just as hard as I did as an RCA and I’ve also seen some shitty and lazy rcas who only half ass do the job because they say it’s not their route! So cry me a river!!!

If you aren’t supporting the guys next to you then you aren’t supporting the Union. Stop paying your dues and see how quick you lose your job

Blah blah blah!!

No reply for that? Unless you’re one of those. When the regular has the audacity to complain about the hard working CCA who misdelivered a tub of mail yesterday, who crammed a box into someone’s mailbox that won’t ever come out because he/she is too lazy to get out of the truck, or writes “”dog out” on a certified? Talk about blah, blah, blah. You’re nothing new. We all skipped breaks and lunches. And you know what you get? More work. Because “you did it yesterday”. And they’re right.

You should be working for Amazon. How long do you think you can keep up that pace? I was like that too – we ALL were. You are nothing new. After my first 20 years, I got a good route – almost 500 stops – and I keep up a nice steady pace all day. I work for 8 hours. Like I’m supposed to. I am extremely accurate – show me a CCA who reads names – I don’t get in vehicle accidents – I call in sick MAYBE 2 or 3 times a year – I’ve done the 204b… Read more »

I don’t believe you are allowed to accept monetary “gifts” for service. Baked goods that are shareable with others. That’s rural carriers, though.

Most regulars have been working a long while and have the effect of age, fast paced work, physical breakdowns and such, and guess what? They used to be fast subs pulling the loads of others just like you. They aren’t the problem. I bet THEY even go so far as to look at the names in red. Upper management and maintenance are great areas to cut funds.

I’d like the P guy to email me, no clue!!

I do not understand how he doent want to remove the garbage manager supervisors and employees. O see the post office like to keep the garbage and not throw it out great going.

No OT……LMAO, been saying that for 25 years. Good luck with that

Well when people don’t come to work do they think we is going to case and carry another route for free

How about trimming the fat from the top. How about one postmaster for three offices with maybe a rotating supervisor. Depending on the size and location of the offices. Seriously the carriers and clerks function rather well without management. Really don’t need a supervisor and postmaster in the same office. Waste of money

I have been at work on days where the supervisor is there, the lazy postmaster is there, BOTH 204bs are there, and they are bringing in people on OT. Now THAT is ridiculous. Or bringing someone in on OT and then giving out a case and go.

They have cut over 5,000 postmaster jobs over the past decade. Over 7,000 offices have become remotely managed post offices. The unions have been offered the chance to have employee run offices and turned it down repeatedly. I’m not saying they are needed but the amount of reports supervisors have to complete every day has increased a lot. Get rid of the redundant data being sent to ten different departments and spend the time supervising employees.

The last time the PMG put forth her explanation to congress she was forced to show that the USPS cut both clerk and mail handler jobs while ADDING management/office workers. So what are you talking about?

Are these in the contract! I wonder how many agreements is he going to violate! Sounds like a jerk!

is a jerk

Has anyone verified that these are real? For a national directive (or District or Area) why is it that every story has the same pictures of the same one copy of the document. While I understand USPS would be cagey in not wanting to admit they are coming out, there would have to be more copies around if supervisors in every station are supposed to follow them.

This is the best plan I have heard in my 40 plus year career. The postal service is full of outdated processes and old antiquated thoughts that it is kill the system. The best idea is getting rid of the district managers and VPs they are like Gods; with thier own ideas and desires per Area filed with nepotism. Knowledge and skill is not the needed requirement only ” Liked” or preference . The postal service is dying from within bad decisions and bad people with no idea as to what to do. Nope I’m glad this man was brought… Read more »

Get rid of all the positions that have to change things or they don’t have a job. Like the can’t scan a signature with a no signature item. Give me a break. I’m smart enough to know if no one is home I can’t scan both. The way it is now, the customer has to wait while I make 2 separate events. Wastes my time and the customer’s also.

I would like to see more NBU’s installed on my city route. I waste so much time walking forever to deliver to individual houses with a handful of mail watching for dogs and making sure not to trip. I also deliver on a busy street weaving in and out around parked cars to deliver to their street boxes that are always blocked.

The union has fought tooth and nail to prevent NBUs rather than to door or curbside delivery.

Really come to Hamburg we have parcels

Delayed mail that’s great

From a DM. Way to drive a sinking ship straight into the bottom. Full steam ahead!!! Personally grateful to not work in that district!

Allegedly from a DM. No one has been able to verify where this came from, who issued it, and if it is real.

Be ready for street observation if you can’t maintain schedule. Our problem is the clerk craft can’t get the parcels up and sometimes the mail comes late from the plant. I can see our start times moving later then 8 AM for sure. Happy I got on my own list for the Summer. I just have to deal with my own hell then. Remember we do have a contract and what the PMG wants isn’t set in stone.

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If you trade any overtime for penalty overtime it sounds like my working conditions as a PTF City Carrier. We did not go a single tick into penalty except to pick up a missed blue collection box. Then came scanners and SOP flipped. Suddenly to avoid a missing scan any price would be paid to deliver mail. I have taken an uncountable number of $30 to $60 trips in rush hour traffic to deliver an Amazon package before 8 PM with the threat they would not pay the USPS if it was late. Now the problem is this has rolled… Read more »

The problem is, we have too many that either think strictly business (with no regard for unions) or customer service. We have yet to be able to find someone who can do both effectively and efficiently. One drastic change would be all crafts to a rural payscale. Money lost comes from work force and higher management. This is due to those taking advantage of workload, NAPs making sweetheart deals, as well as the Postal Service making it hard for those at low level management to succeed. No colas, no raises, no real agreements that hold which in turn means a… Read more »

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The problem is that parcels have increased annually at a 75% clip, we now have Amazon, Sunday UPS delivery, and parcel select, yet we do it with the same amount of personal that we had 5 years ago. Hence the OT. It’s not rocket science. Charge Amazon, UPS and FEDEX more and hire more folks.

Who will fly our Mail!

Just go to the 5 day work week. Stop Saturday and Sunday delivery. Screw Amazon they are screwing us. U would have cut ot /penalty ot and probably have s better workforce for it when ppl had an actual 2 days off.

Isn’t that what Trump said in April? Also, note how many P&DC’s were closed during re-organization, (way to many) which is why mail can’t get to stations, poor way to run a business, OT thru the roof, payroll may not be made soon at this rate, keep your fingers crossed, Bailout or Bankruptcy

Many postal systems around the world have been doing these things for years and that is how they have stayed vibrant. Changes are needed or it will be the end of the USPS.

This is what was determined from T(CH)rumpus 3 month investigation? Let me assume it was 3 months of golf and one day listening to the top paper pushers. Anyone could see how many 100k salaries are passed along to employees that were given positions to hide incompetent workers.

Did any of you read the first paragraph.
This is a non sourced article.
Fiction until sourced.

That is exactly what i said. It keeps stating “He” said. Looks and reads like someone typed it up from home. No dates. No signatures. Doesn’t look official at all.

Well it may not be officially sourced. But I will tell you. Last week our office had a few OT carriers just take out there parcels and DPS. Leave the cased mail!! And my supervisor did tell me exactly what I’m reading. I do believe it!! Thank God I only have 2 more years!!

When I started as a carrier 30 years ago I could see the handwriting on the wall. I began putting 15% into TSP and increased it to 25% a couple years later. I busted my hump sucking up all the OT I could and two years ago my wife said, “We have enough money, we don’t know how much time we have, why don’t you retire and we’ll enjoy the rest of our lives while we can?” I retired 18 months ago and think about those people who didn’t follow my advice and save hard. So glad I don’t have… Read more »

I think this is harsh considering the times we are living in!To fast!Can’t run!we are not machines!

Why don’t we charge ALL business the same for a first class stamp, regardless of how much mailings they send out? No more discounts because they have mass mailings. Think of the money THAT will save.

Think of the mailings that won’t get mailed anymore. Getting $50 instead of $75 is better than getting zero dollars. That is a business basic. The more you send the less it costs.

They will be regretting all of this in less than 6 months

No OT? Hilarious. How else are we going to continue to kiss Amazon’s ass, especially during Prime week or xmas season? We all know who we really work for.

I have been a carrier 32yrs. I agree!!! At our office, many days we have to go back to the office for Amazon packages. OT ALL THE TIME!!! We are ORDERED to work our days off!!! We ARE ORDERED to go back out at 6:30PM upon returning to office – to do piece of another route. I ALWAYS SAY “AMAZON OWNES THE POST OFFICE”

There has been NO customer service since they changed the delivery standards. Maybe now we will have someone who will hold managers and employees accountable. I doubt it but hopefully this change will work and get the Postal Service back on track. It’s “Do or Die” time right now. Let’s make it work!

How about the employees who are taking advantage of the Covid Situation

Right? Who in the world approved the leave rule of two thirds of your pay and use no sick time up until December? Ridiculous.

This just another way to destroy our unions also. Then on to the next step of the master plan. He was given this job on national TV! By who??!! Someone who don’t really care for the post office. So UNIONS GEAR UP!! It’s time to do SOME WORK!!! We going to have to join together on this guy and show him we have a union for a reason and laws do exist!!!!


I can’t wait to see how they get the beaters in my office to speed up. And there are lots of them,

They can’t if they try to pivot them under no overtime rules they just bring mail back at the end of the day. Under the mandate of no more falsifying scans and honest reporting what didn’t go out perhaps with honest numbers instead of fake numbers from station managers hoping their lie gets them a POOM job they will understand only so much can be done and every route is different.

Imagine trying to carry packs of ads from one park point to multiple 50 unit plus buildings

We had an OIC once who started demanding that we bring back what mail we could not deliver by the end of our day. It was always the same street! I told a few customers what was happening, they made some complaint calls, and it stopped in about a week.

I’m a CCA and it’s not a bad gig. Yeah I wish the pay was better. But the last thing I do is speed through a route or do more than I’m supposed to. But that’s because I was trained right. If you mess up a route in my station you’re going to hear it. Yeah we all do the same job but if your new you have to pay your dues. Quit trying to get noticed by a nobody in management. If you aren’t supporting the guy next to you then you aren’t supporting our Union.

204B’s should’ve been eliminated a long time ago…. We’re always hearing how understaffed we are yet they continue to hand out radios like candy…

One of the driving forces behind BPI is to eliminate or reduce delays at a cost effective rate.

1st of all … this loose cannon approach to abruptly change policy that this PM clearly has not even a clue about is surely a way to kill the system entirely… that’s if the present Union that the PO has right now goes along with this foolishness and buffoonery however with that being said there are changes that need to be made at the workers level and definitely at the upper management level..mainly at the upper management level…This 1/2 ass Chronoism approach will surely backfire…