Mail ‘check washing’ claims linked to Chicago U.S. Post Office

CHICAGO (CBS) – Two more people have come forward saying they too mailed checks from the 41st and Halsted Post Office, only to become fraud victims.

They spoke to CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas after seeing stories on a Canaryville Army veteran who had his check altered, uncovering a troubling pattern at that post office.

“It was white-washed,” said Patricia McMullen, one of the victims of check fraud.

McMullen and Judy Garrity were both victims.

They both dropped checks in a blue box outside the 41st and Halsted Post Office within the past couple months.

Then, someone stole the check, changed the recipient name, and increased the dollar amount by thousands.

“From $50 to $5,000,” McMullen sai


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Ok, you have blue boxes that are in areas that are easy targets after 5pm, the general public needs to know the collection boxes are not Fort Knox and not deposit in them after the last pickup. You can put all of the anti fishing devices in new collection boxes costing millions and instead of fishing they will steal a truck and knock the collection box off it’s concrete block, taking the entire collection box. We have to admit to the public there is no magical federal seal on these collection boxes and notify the public that you need to… Read more »