LLV Fire Clarkston, Mi.

Another one bites the dust,
Another one go’s up in smoke…
Clarkston, Mi. Sunday Amazon parcels with it.


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Whats that 120 so far.?

Holy cow !

Seems to be a regular occurrence

3 in 2 days? And my supervisor thinks he’s going to get an LLV for our new Aux Rt …roflmao. Not at this rate.

This is beyond ridculous…

Ian Watosky see 3 this week.

ffs man. like either they have mechanics so bad they can’t learn like 5 total vehicles or those things are crap and given nothing else is burning im gonna blame the llv’s

Awe.. not the Amazon crap!!!!. Hope the carrier is ok..

Oh jeez!

I work at clarkston I hope no one got hurt !

Too close to home… Starting to worry about this becoming far to common for us.
Everyone stay safe!

Hope the carrier scanned them first ?

My vehicle currently has a transmission leak which I have written up several times and the mechanics don’t seem to care.All they do is add more fluid and not actually fix the seal leak.Then when it catches fire they wanna come down on me? Naw…I keep all my slips whenever I write them up…