Illinois postal worker made death threats against a supervisor and the facility in general

An employee of the United States Postal Service bulk mail sorting facility at 7500 Roosevelt Road allegedly made death threats against his supervisor and the facility in general.

On July 14, an employee and his supervisor reportedly got into an argument after the supervisor told the employee to move. The employee refused, and the supervisor suspended him.

A short time later, the employee reportedly talked to his union representatives and made various threatening comments, saying, “I’ll go to war. They have their family and kids to go home to, I don’t have anything. I have my guns loaded and ready to go. I’ll either go to jail or my grave.”

Following that, on July 18, one of the postal inspectors reached out to the Forest Park Police Department, stating that he wanted to see if the local police department would be able to take any action. The responding officer stated that, while he would file a report, he wasn’t sure they would have jurisdiction given that the facility sits on the federal land.

The postal inspector told the officer that USPS will be seeking the employee’s termination in response to the incident.

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Postal Police Association President Frank Albergo where were you crack Postal Police on this one? I’m sure you have Postal Police at the Bulk Mail Center. Postal Police Association President Frank Albergo seems to comment on postal crimes off USPS property but fails to comment on crimes on USPS property? Funny how that works.

It was a woman and we’ve been telling Management for the last 8 months that she was a danger to herself and others. She comes in drunk everyday and physically assaulted a coworker and tried to assault me on many occasions. This post office has so many skeletons in the closet I could write a book about it.