How Amazon Could Speed Up By Dumping USPS

There have been many unhappy customers of Amazon because of delayed delivery by USPS. Amazon’s pride is speed of delivery, and customers are frequently disappointed when USPS delivers 2-3 days after the promised date.

Sure, Amazon’s delivery fleet is growing. There are 70 airplanes, 40,000 semi-trailers, 30,000 vans and other delivery vehicles that service the U.S. UPS gets a portion of the merchandise to be delivered while FedEx gets none. Their contract to deliver Amazon merchandise was cancelled the end of August 2019 because of delays.


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How about telling their 3rd party drop off drivers to actually show up on time, the PO doesn’t work on Amazon time we work on PO time, if it’s not at the office by the specified time it doesn’t go out. the mail must go, you can’t pay workers to stand around doing nothing

Yes, last weekend I worked and when I get to work at 3am Amazon is already supposed to have dropped their first load off. It wasn’t there. We waited and waited. Then boom 2 trucks show up at the same time at 4:30am. Them being that late makes us already behind. Its isn’t USPS, its Amazon!

When USPS tracks it at their own facility that is less than a mile away than the delivery address for 4 days you can’t blame it on Amazon. This doesn’t happen with just Amazon orders.