Deal Would Mean USPS Can’t ‘Drag Its Feet’ on Electric Vehicles

Democrats’ new reconciliation deal adds to pressure on the US Postal Service to amend its controversial vehicle contract.

The USPS would secure $3 billion to electrify its trucks under legislation negotiated by Sen. Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that could get a vote in the chamber this week. The spending would come as USPS has faced scrutiny and lawsuits for its plan to buy a bulk of new gasoline-powered delivery trucks from Oshkosh Defense. Lawmakers and activists have sought to reverse the move over the last year to force 100% fleet electrification.

“With this funding, there’s absolutely no doubt that the Postal Service should commit to 100%, and we’re hopeful that our public pressure along with states and labor unions, and other folks will continue to make them go in that direction,” said Adrian Martinez, senior attorney on Earthjustice’s Right to Zero campaign. “This proposal, if it does pass, kind of puts to bed a lot of those issues, and I think there would be absolutely no reason why the Postal Service would continue to drag its feet.”

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I don’t care if it’s gas or electric, We need new vehicles to deliver mail. The 30 year old LLV is a death trap hot box.

You know Daniel I was going to pontificate about this but your absolutely correct, just get the USPS new vehicles. Have you seen how many of those LLV’s catch fire every week, get the new vehicles out to the carriers, they are hot and currently (many) are unsafe.