March 21, 2023
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Dean Boone
1 year ago

Postal management is the worst it’s been in two decades. We recruit from thieves, drug addict’s and employees mentally unable to do the job. Is it any wonder why employees are burned out and leaving for the private sector? Who wants to work under the slave like conditions in the Postal Service?

1 year ago

USPS has had employee shortages well before covid ever came. My husband has worked 6 days a week many years. It takes far too long to actually get the job with all the protocols required to do before you can actually start the job. People that need a job do not have months to wait. And in todays world, no one wants to work when they get free government handouts. The other problem is that with the cost of repairs and rising gas prices, those that have to use their own vehicles are barely making $10/hour. Also, Many carriers are… Read more »