Audit finds 74% of undelivered mail went unreported at one Columbus post office

A series of federal audits found deficiencies at multiple Columbus area post offices as ABC6/FOX28 viewers continue to describe their mail delivery as sporadic and delayed. In one audit, federal postal inspectors found 74% of undelivered mail went unreported at the South Columbus Station on East Innis Avenue.

Federal auditors made site visits to four Columbus US Postal facilities for three days in January.

At South Columbus Station which serves more than 45,000 people, auditors took pictures of the 34,000 pieces of delayed mail stuffed in backrooms and boxes. Of those pieces, they state 26% was reported in the Customer Service Daily Reporting System used for tracking. They also noted packages inappropriately scanned. Some packages that had not been delivered also had not been returned to the sender as procedure. Some packages had gone passed their return date by up to 100 days.


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