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Postal workers hold rallies across country, demanding change

May 2, 2023


SPOKANE, Wash. — Postal workers say they are exhausted, short-staffed, underpaid, and they’re demanding change.

Roughly a dozen postal workers gathered to air their grievances in Spokane, all of whom were critical of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

“We’re tired of the delays that DeJoy, our postmaster General has been causing. And we’re tired of the short staffing, long hours, bad working conditions,” said Sherri Butler, who’s been a postal worker for 22 years.

The workers are fiercely standing against DeJoy’s 10-year proposal to reinvigorate the postal service. One of those steps includes installing sorting and delivery centers, which would essentially consolidate post offices into one regional facility that would help disperse mail and packages.

Workers say by doing this, countless jobs will be eliminated.

Postal workers also shared the cycle they’ve been in for years.

“We had career employees that had 20 years in just walk out and leave. The Post Office used to be a really good job, and people are tired and they can’t do it anymore,” Butler said.

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