Postal Vehicle Fires

2021 Postal Vehicle Fires

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Nutley Fire Department Reports No Injuries After Postal Vehicle Catches Fire
According to Nutley Fire Department chief Henry Meola, the fire appeared to be limited to the engine compartment. Meola stated that ...
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Mail truck fire - Clearwater, NJ
The mailman got out safely with most of the mail and everyone is safe ...
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California postal truck fire
It actually exploded! No one was hurt, thank goodness! ...
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Georgia postal truck fire
Reported by Facebook user ...
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Illinois Postal vehicle fire
Reported by Facebook user ...
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Postal Service truck destroyed in fire; letter carrier not injured
A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier was unharmed after their truck caught fire while making deliveries on Sunday ...
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Mail truck totaled in Milford MA fire; several pieces of mail are damaged
MILFORD — A mail truck was destroyed Thursday by a heavy fire of unknown cause that also damaged a large amount ...
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Flaming mail truck stops traffic on Vashon Highway in Washington
A postal truck burst into flames at 188th Street and Vashon Hwy. in the mid-afternoon of Wednesday, Feb. 16, after ...
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Postal truck fire - Alaska
“It was intense. It was really intense,” Fitzwater said by phone Monday. “It started in the front, it blew out ...
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Postal Truck Fire - Wisconsin
Another postal truck fire. This time in Wisconsin ...
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