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Postal Service’s new dimensional surcharges could pack a wallop

March 30, 2022
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Effective this Sunday, the U.S. Postal Service will implement two parcel-delivery surcharges that will make it costlier for high-volume shippers to move their bigger packages.

A “dimensional noncompliance” fee of $1.50 per piece will be levied on parcels that are tendered without any dimensions appearing on the shipper manifest. A similar fee will apply for parcels that are tendered with dimensional information and either exceed 22 inches in length on the parcel’s longest side or are 1 cubic foot in volume.

The fees are designed to compensate the Postal Service for the time and resources spent measuring a package, as well as for the expense of handling an outsized shipment that can’t be run through a conveyor.

Under a separate “nonstandard” fee, the Postal Service will impose a $4 per-piece surcharge on parcels with lengths that exceed 22 inches but are capped at 30 inches. That fee would be replaced by a $15 per-piece levy should a parcel exceed 30 inches. An additional $15 per-piece surcharge would then be tacked on for parcels that are denser than 2 cubic feet.

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