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Postal service reminding people to make safe paths for carriers

February 23, 2023
2023 02 23 at 3.51 PM


WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — That old saying “neither rain nor sleet nor snow…” applies to mail carriers delivering your packages in any weather event.

However, in some conditions, mail carriers reserve the right to judge whether they feel safe to deliver mail to an address.

Homeowners need to provide a clear and safe path to the mailbox to pick up what’s in there or complete the delivery.

Not only should the snow be cleared, but to the best of your ability, the ice should be clear as well, to prevent falls or crashes.

“The carriers, they want to deliver that mail. They want to get it to our customers,” said Bryan Reeves, the Wisconsin District Communication Specialist for the United States Postal Service.

“In a practical sense, they don’t want to bring it back to the office and have it stored in the office for the next day. They’re going to do what they can to get that safely delivered,” he added.

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