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Postal Service honors Nebraska’s Chief Standing Bear with soon-to-be-released stamp

March 27, 2023
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Six years after her award-winning documentary — “Standing Bear’s Footsteps” — aired on PBS, Christine Lesiak received a call from the United States Postal Service seeking information on the historic Nebraska activist.

Chief Standing Bear, the Ponca chief who won a landmark 1879 court case that ruled Natives were people under the law with inherent rights, was nominated by the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee in 2017.

The committee is appointed by the postmaster general and recommends subjects for future stamp designs.

“People see (stamps) no matter where they live — whether they buy the stamp or it’s on a letter they receive, they know this is a person who’s important,” Lesiak said.

Once a recommendation is approved, the team works with art directors to oversee the creation of stamp designs. The directors work with professional designers, artists, illustrators and photographers to produce approximately 35 stamps a year.
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