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Postal Service has made it easier for new employees to gain access to LiteBlue

February 16, 2022
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Previously, new employees were sent their employee identification number, temporary personal identification number (PIN) and temporary password in the mail, receiving the information about two to three weeks after their effective start date.

Beginning Feb. 5, new employees will receive, prior to their effective date, their employee identification number, temporary PIN and temporary password through an encrypted message to the email address they supplied during the hiring process.

Among other things, the change will allow employees to have their permanent credentials established prior to attending the Welcome to USPS course, where they are given instructions on how to immediately log on and navigate LiteBlue.

New employees will have access to all the features in LiteBlue, with the exception of PostalEase and ePayroll. These employees will be advised that access to PostalEase, including the Net To Bank feature, will occur approximately five days after their effective date.

In addition, if the employee has not received the encrypted email, they will receive instructions on how they can request a letter to be mailed to their home.

This change has no effect on existing employees’ access to LiteBlue.

The change also aims to help USPS reduce turnover in its noncareer workforce, one of the tenets of Delivering for America, the organization’s 10-year plan to achieve financial stability.

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