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Postal regulatory feud must end now

June 8, 2023

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and Postal Regulatory Commission chairman Michael Kubayanda aren’t exactly pen pals. DeJoy, who runs the Postal Service, has accused the PRC of overstepping its bounds and limiting the agency’s ability to improve its finances.

At a recent House hearing, DeJoy claimed the PRC “sat over and watched the destruction of the organization over the last 15 years and (was) actively participating in the destruction of the organization the last 15 years.”

The PRC has often saved the USPS from losing even more money and diving into dubious business ideas. It’ll take a more proactive, consumer-friendly PRC to increase transparency and get the service on a firmer fiscal footing. The USPS can deliver for the American people only with the PRC in the front seat.

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