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Postal offices in Edwards and Avon are confused over rejected packages

August 4, 2022


Addressing and receiving packages in Eagle County has always been a bit of a gamble. From determining which carrier will deliver the package to determining how to address it, residents often list this as one of their main challenges with the local post offices.

While these challenges vary, in the last week, there have been increased reports from residents that packages are being rejected from the post office locations in Avon and Edwards.

Beaver Creek resident Renee Lawrance first noticed last week that packages sent from Amazon and addressed to the Avon post office’s address were being marked as canceled or “’customer canceled, does not want this,’” she said.

Lawrance said that last Thursday, in a conference call with Amazon and a UPS supervisor, the UPS supervisor reported that the local distribution center had “over 500 packages” with the same issue.

In an email to the Vail Daily, resident Steve Michel said that he’s had “over 10 packages canceled over the past week.”

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