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Postal employees spend time with future customers at Illinois post office

August 30, 2022
PostOfficeKids large story


Children in Illinois recently had an opportunity to learn more about the mail and the world behind the walls of their neighborhood Post Office.

Postmaster Robbie Axsom and his colleagues hosted two field trips from a learning center in Morton.

Both Axsom and Customer Services Supervisor Derek Brown showed the children how to scan and sort packages. The visitors also learned how to dress as a letter carrier and what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a postal vehicle.

“We wanted to make the day special and educational for a group of children interested in how the Post Office works,” Axsom said.

Elsewhere in Central Area, Retail Associate Shelly Davis interacted with almost 30 children in Winona Lake, IN, during the local library’s preschool story time. She read aloud from a selected book.

Davis volunteered for the activity because she said she felt it could make a good impression in the community and that the investment in children is worthwhile.

“Winona Lake is very close-knit and being involved and included, as not only a postal employee but also a member of the town, is a blessing,” she said. “Just a smiling face can change a person’s day.”

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