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Postal employees add finishing touch to peak season

December 22, 2022


The Postal Service has reached the summit of another peak delivery season.

Across the country, the organization has hired employees, added equipment and expanded processing capacity to ensure it remained Holiday Ready,” like this year’s seasonal advertising campaign declares.

At the Lynchburg, VA, Post Office, employees are using a newly installed small delivery unit sorter to keep packages moving.

“The Lynchburg team has always worked hard during the holidays,” said Postmaster Jeff Lee. “Now we are working faster than ever before.”

The Jackson, MI, Post Office has also benefitted from a small delivery unit sorter, which can process 2,000 packages, weighing up to 30 pounds each, every hour.

“This package sorting equipment is a great advantage to help our employees sort and deliver this peak season,” said Postmaster Melissa Tackett-Warner.

In addition to accepting, processing and delivering holiday mail and packages, USPS employees are finding other ways to embrace the spirit of the season.

At the Mid City Post Office in Cincinnati, Alicin Williams and Melissa Vandegraft, both business mail technicians, added cheer to the lobby by building a reindeer out of Priority Mail boxes.

“Once the holiday is over, all of it will be reused so nothing goes to waste,” Williams said.

Meanwhile, at the Columbus, OH, Processing and Distribution Center, Bridget Stewart, an operations support specialist, hosted an event for customers and the news media to showcase the facility’s holiday efforts.

“It’s important to have these tours so our customers know that we are focused on them,” Stewart said. “They are our No. 1 priority, and we want them to know we are always looking to improve the process.”

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